Google: Can school psychologists…?

Inspired by this post from Sean Erreger LCSW about social work, I thought I’d also take a go at asking google about my field. Two quick notes before I dive into the questions. First, for those looking for a quick introduction to who school psychologists are, I wrote a piece you can read here. Second,Continue reading “Google: Can school psychologists…?”

Organizing school mental health services for prevention

Why prevention? Schools are busy places. One school psychologist serves hundreds of children. There is a Farside cartoon one of my professors is fond of: It’s a building on fire, floating down a river, about to fall off a waterfall, with a sign that says “Crisis Clinic”. Ask a group of people who work inContinue reading “Organizing school mental health services for prevention”

You’re who? The school psychologist.

School psychology is a broad field. Its researchers and practitioners have a wide range of training and expertise. This can make it hard to explain exactly who school psychologists are, but it’s also one of the field’s greatest strengths. A quick google search will tell you a lot about who school psychologists are not. We’reContinue reading “You’re who? The school psychologist.”