Organizing school mental health services for prevention

Why prevention? Schools are busy places. One school psychologist serves hundreds of children. There is a Farside cartoon one of my professors is fond of: It’s a building on fire, floating down a river, about to fall off a waterfall, with a sign that says “Crisis Clinic”. Ask a group of people who work inContinue reading “Organizing school mental health services for prevention”

How prevalent is child maltreatment?

Content warning: child maltreatment and sexual assault statistics. If you work with children, chances are you’ll meet kids who have experienced maltreatment. Child maltreatment includes abuse — physical, sexual, and emotional — and neglect. All 50 states have laws that protect children against maltreatment. Although all states have their own specific laws about what constitutes maltreatment, the definition inContinue reading “How prevalent is child maltreatment?”