Dissertation (Ph.Done.)

My dissertation has been uploaded online by the university and can be viewed/downloaded here. The study developed and collected/analyzed initial validity evidence for a measure that quantifies the attitudes school principals hold about suicide prevention. Eventually, work like this might enable school mental health professionals and suicide prevention specialists to target their implementation strategies andContinue reading “Dissertation (Ph.Done.)”

Making measurement matter in sucidology

I was fortunate to recently write a blog post for a great organization I’m a part of called the International Network of Early Career Researchers in Suicide and Self-Harm (netECR). The post provides an big-picture overview of several measurement challenges in suicide research. I hope it provides some good food for thought. Check it outContinue reading “Making measurement matter in sucidology”

Google: Can school psychologists…?

Inspired by this post from Sean Erreger LCSW about social work, I thought I’d also take a go at asking google about my field. Two quick notes before I dive into the questions. First, for those looking for a quick introduction to who school psychologists are, I wrote a piece you can read here. Second,Continue reading “Google: Can school psychologists…?”

Organizing school mental health services for prevention

Why prevention? Schools are busy places. One school psychologist serves hundreds of children. There is a Farside cartoon one of my professors is fond of: It’s a building on fire, floating down a river, about to fall off a waterfall, with a sign that says “Crisis Clinic”. Ask a group of people who work inContinue reading “Organizing school mental health services for prevention”

How prevalent is child maltreatment?

Content warning: child maltreatment and sexual assault statistics. If you work with children, chances are you’ll meet kids who have experienced maltreatment. Child maltreatment includes abuse — physical, sexual, and emotional — and neglect. All 50 states have laws that protect children against maltreatment. Although all states have their own specific laws about what constitutes maltreatment, the definition inContinue reading “How prevalent is child maltreatment?”

You’re who? The school psychologist.

School psychology is a broad field. Its researchers and practitioners have a wide range of training and expertise. This can make it hard to explain exactly who school psychologists are, but it’s also one of the field’s greatest strengths. A quick google search will tell you a lot about who school psychologists are not. We’reContinue reading “You’re who? The school psychologist.”